Bruynzeel archive storageBruynzeel Storage Systems Ltd (the new name for Bruynzeel and Qubiqa/Nord-Plan) is Europe’s leading manufacturer of versatile and space-saving storage solutions for archives, museums, libraries, record offices and offices. Serving public and private sector clients, our focus is on providing efficient storage systems that combine space efficiency with accessibility.

Bruynzeel realise that flexibility is essential for the effective storage of collections in all sorts of conditions, dimensions and weights.  Our systems adapt to meet changing storage needs, and are robustly manufactured, providing affordable solutions with high built-in value of designed-in versatility.

Installing storage systems for thousands of organisations over many years, has given us an unrivalled wealth of knowledge to design the most effective storage solutions. Systems are in daily use at The National Archives, Kew; Queens University Library, Belfast; The Museum Resource Centre, Preston Hall Museum, National Railway Museum, Northumberland Record Office & Museum, East Riding of Yorkshire Record Office & Museum, Shetland Museum & Archives, Glasgow School of Art and Cumbria Archives.  2013 sees the opening of new Libraries and Archives in Birmingham and Liverpool.  We are proud to have provided electronically-operated shelving to both prestigious projects.

Bruynzeel museum storageAs well as investing in modern manufacturing, Bruynzeel’s ongoing R&D keeps us ahead of the market and in-front of legislative changes. It is this long-term vision that first established, and maintains Bruynzeel’s leading position and has led us to develop our latest range of energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective electronic mobile shelving systems.

A Bruynzeel mobile system can provide up to 100% more storage volume and additional floor space compared to static shelving.  Each system is bespoke and designed especially for your requirements and there is a range of shelves, drawers and accessories to cater for all your needs, including painting storage, plan chests, map drawers, textile roll storage and garment hanging rails.

Choose from an Electronic system that moves by pressing a touchscreen, Manual mobile shelving (you turn a handle to access the aisles), Static Shelving or the Double Decker 2 Tier System for areas with height – ideal for off-site storage.

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