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RSPB Wales: 3D Digital Reconstruction

The Living Levels Partnership is a group of entities with RSPB Wales being at the forefront that aims to preserve the Gwent Levels, known for its bio-diverse wet grassland filled with historical and...


Here are three examples of project profiles we've published, helping our subscribers identify possible new projects before they go out to bid. read more

Oldham Museum & Archive (OMA)

Oldham Museum & Archive (OMA) is the new name for the city’s new £13 million heritage centre which aims to showcase Oldham’s industrial past, from its time as the cotton spinnin

Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw

The renovation of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland, is part of a wider revitalisation scheme for the city centre. The new museum and theatre complex, will be built next to the

U.S. Marshals Museum

An ambitious project to build a national U.S. Marshals Museum is well underway. Located in historic Fort Smith, where the U.S. Marshals originally launched across the Arkansas River to h