Cleveland Pools: Main Contractor

The Cleveland Pools Trust Ltd have received a funding award from National Lottery Heritage Fund to restore and re-open the existing outdoor Georgian bathing Pool in Bath, which was originally built...


Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising

A new museum is to be built in Poznań, Poland, dedicated to documenting and commemorating the Wielkopolska Uprising which took place from 1918-1919. The Wielkopolska (Greater Poland) Uprising was

National Coast Guard Museum

The US Coast Guard is undertaking a project to build a National Museum, located in New London in Connecticut. The museum association has raised about $48 million toward the estimated $100 million p

Cyfarthfa Castle

Cyfarthfa Castle is the Grade I-Listed centrepiece of Cyfarthfa Park and is home to a museum, art gallery and until 2014, Cyfarthfa High School. The castle was built in 1824 by the architect Robert