Palais de Danse is one of the most unique spaces in St Ives. Formerly a cinema and dance hall, it was used by Barbara Hepworth from 1961 onwards as a studio, where she created some of her largest sculptures. The Palais is rooted in community memory and central to Hepworth's artistic legacy worldwide and holds significance for local residents, historians, and enthusiasts of modern art. The Tate Gallery is leading plans to renovate the Grade II-listed space and is now seeking to appoint an Architect-led Multi-disciplinary Team, including an Architect, Lead Designer and Heritage Specialist, Structural Engineer and MEP Engineer. The estimated contract value is £500,000.

Tate Gallery: Architect-led Multi-disciplinary Team for Palais de Danse Project

Tate is looking to appoint a professional team to support this ambition and to realise an innovative design response to give the unique heritage of the Palais de Danse a new life. The architectural and engineering solution will secure the building for future public use and open it up to a broad range of visitors. A successful project will balance Tate's aspirations with the artistic, social, and architectural heritage significance of the Grade II listed structure and sustainably regenerate the site for future generations.

For further information, interested contractors should go to the following link.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 6 February 2023 by 12 pm local time.


Tate Britain
20 John Islip Street
Contact person: Declan McAlister


Image: Side view of Palais de Danse, St Ives.