2-KTF-RijksmuseumApp smallerKiss the Frog is a multidisciplinary multimedia design agency, specialised in developing computer interactives for museums, exhibitions, visitor centres and trade shows. We have a large international client base. Our products range from touchscreen exhibits to large multi-player games, virtual experiences, mobile device tours and multi-screen projections. We use state-of-the-art technology like motion tracking, RFID, augmented reality, tactile and gestural interfaces and real-time 3D simulations to make surprising, innovative products. Linking the physical world to the virtual, the on-site experience to the world wide web. Always looking for the right balance between learning and having fun, between content and technology.

Kiss the Frog has a very wide range of highly skilled people. We can handle the design and production of software interactives in house, usually without the need for subcontracting. It goes without saying that our developers and designers work with the latest industry standard tools. To name a few: Unity3D, Processing, OpenFrameworks, Flash/Air and Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. We have extensive experience in researching, testing, setting up and delivering all kinds of software for all sorts of clients. We have successfully interfaced with numerous hardware devices, like SLR photo cameras, fingerprint identifiers, thermo-cameras, joysticks, data gloves, push-buttons, sliders, Infra Red (tracking, sensing) devices, RFID readers and tags etcetera.

1-KTF-Wonderkamers_Nr07_RGB-4 smallerThroughout the years, we have developed our own tools and platforms to support our work. We have a custom kiosk management system, called 'Backstage', to deploy, update and manage exhibit computers remotely. 'Screenplay' is our content management system (CMS) that allows us and our clients to manage text, graphics, audio files and videos through a web interface. There can be a (semi) live link between our exhibit software and Screenplay, so changes in text and other content, even after opening, can be updated automatically. This works especially well for travelling exhibition with multiple languages. We have developed numerous visitor database solutions where visitors identify themselves at the exhibits, personal preferences are stored (such as language preferences) and results (like video recordings) are stored and uploaded to a website.

Kiss the Frog

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