Guide ID is a specialist in audio guide concepts and interactives for cultural heritage sites. We have been active in the mobile tour museums market since 2002. We have a lot of technical skills and experience in-house, which we use to implement easy to use systems which make it possible for clients to offer a flexible platform to their visitors, without having to invest lots of time, money and staff.

Guide ID has developed multiple systems over the last 10 years and has used its experience from the several technologies and the deployment of their successful PDA audio guide range, to create the Podcatcher platform.

The main goal behind the platform is;

 “To enable heritage sites across the globe to offer flexible, user friendly and unique experiences to all different types of visitors”.

Podcatcher Platform

We have chosen to keep everything from the interface, administrative elements and field deployment very easy to use and flexible.

The Podcatcher can offer an unlimited amount of languages, tours, passages and information layers while remaining very simple to operate. An extra feature is that the Podcatcher will be branded with your own unique design per location. You can be as imaginative as you want within the design or even design it to be suitable for the visually impaired.

The platform consists of several key elements;

-Podcatcher audio player device

-Smartphone App

-Web-player for website integration

-Online TourEditor

-Online Analytics

-Integration with on site interactives

The Podcatcher platform was successfully launched in 2009, both the hardware and software are developed in-house so that we will always be able to guarantee availability of products and services, now and in the future. All the original technicians are still part of the Podcatcher team.

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Mitchell Brown, Business Manager UK