The St. Lawrence Parks Commission in Ontario manages a range of scenic parks and historic sites along the St. Lawrence River. Notable sites include Upper Canada Village, Fort Henry, and numerous natural preserves, offering diverse recreational and cultural experiences. The St. Lawrence Parks Commission is seeking proposals from contractors for the provision of a new Ticketing System for three sites/entities: Upper Canada Village, Fort Henry, and Kingston Pen Tours.

Ontario, St. Lawrence Parks Commission. RFB for the provision of a single Ticketing System for use by three SLPC Entities; Upper Canada Village, Fort Henry, and Kingston Pen Tours. Solicitation number: tender_17563.

The objective of this RFB is to procure a Ticketing System in time for the 2024 operational season, together with ancillary services, to support three of SLPC’s seasonal tourism offerings: (i) Upper Canada Village, (ii) Fort Henry National Historic Site of Canada, and (iii) Kingston Pen Tours’ (each an “Entity”).

The Ticketing System must have the flexibility to manage the variety of Entity offerings and to accommodate various operational models including timed entry, general admission, and seat-specific ticket sales with both customer self-serve online options for arranging tickets, and in-person admissions through staff-assisted sales. The Ticketing System must also provide the ability to customize reports and data from the system to meet operational and marketing requirements for fact-based decision making and logistics management.

For further information, interested contractors should go to the following link.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 19 October 2023 by 11 am local time. 


13740 County Road 2
Morrisburg, Ontario, K0C1X0
Contact person: Deryck Albarus
+1 416 325 7563