The municipality of Warmensteinach, near Bayreuth in eastern Germany, intends to convert a historic railway building into a new glass museum at the heart of the town, which has been a centre for glass production since the 14th century. They were seeking architect-led design teams to participate in a design contest to alter and renovate the historic structure in an appropriate way to house the collections of the current museum, which opened in 1980. There were three winners ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd as follows: (1) Trutz von Stuckrad Penner Architekten PartGmbB, (2) Bayr Glatt Guimaraes Architekten PartGmbB, and (3) Sunder-Plassmann Architekten Stadtplaner BDA, and the total prize amount of the contest is €30,000 (approx. £28,837). No information is available how the prize is divided among the winners..

To see the original tender, please go to this link.


Gemeinde Warmensteinach
Bahnhofstraße 100
DE246 Bayreuth, Landkreis
Contact person: Büro UmbauStadt
Internet address(es): Main address:

Successful winner(s) of the contest:

1st prize:
Trutz von Stuckrad Penner Architekten PartGmbB
DE300 Berlin
The winner is an SME: yes

2nd prize:
Bayr Glatt Guimaraes Architekten PartGmbB
DE271 Augsburg, Kreisfreie Stadt
The winner is an SME: yes

3rd prize:
Sunder-Plassmann Architekten Stadtplaner BDA
Utting am Ammersee
DE21E Landsberg am Lech
The winner is an SME: yes