The Deutsch-Deutsches Museum in Bavaria sits in the village of Mödlareuth, also known as “Little Berlin” due to the fact that an impenetrable wall split the village until 1989, a legacy of the Cold War.  A new, expanded €12.8 million museum will be built on the Bavarian side just above the village, providing visitors with a striking view of of the former border facility. They have been seeking a contractor for the provision of project management. The successful contractor is Drees & Sommer SE, and the total contract value is €481,915 (approx. £412,792).

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Zweckverband Deutsch-Deutsches Museum Mödlareuth
Schaumbergstraße 14
DE244 Hof, Kreisfreie Stadt
Contact person: Landratsamt Hof/Fachbereich B1 Hochbau
Telephone: +49 9281 / 57-390
Fax: +49 9281 / 57-365
Internet address(es):
Main address:

Successful contarctor:

Drees & Sommer SE
Obere Waldplätze 13
DE111 Stuttgart, Stadtkreis
Telephone: +49 71113170
Fax: +49 7111317101
Internet address:
The contractor is an SME: no

Image: Atelier 30