The Chief of the Royal Armouries, based in Leeds, has resigned to "pursue other interests," according to the Art Newspaper. An inquiry into possible financial irregularities was undertaken earlier in 2008 when the chairman of the board of trustees, Ann Green announced that “following internal system checks picking up potential irregularities, the board of trustees of the Royal Armouries confirms that a senior member of staff has been excluded from work to allow a full and thorough examination”.

Mr. Evans was not named at that time, but it has now been reported that it was Mr. Evans, who was chief executive. Mr Evans joined the Royal Armouries in Leeds in 2000, having worked in a management capacity for both Whitbread pubs and Rank Holidays. He had no prior museum experience.

The Royal Armouries has three branches in the UK, the most famous perhaps being the White Tower at the Tower of London. Its main premises are now in Leeds, with a further outpost at Fort Nelson near Portsmouth.

Joan Jacobs is acting chief executive until Mr Evans’ successor is appointed.