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BUDGET €16,200,000


The Center des Monuments Nationaux is currently undertaking an ambitious project to restore and redevelop the Palais du Tau in Reims, France. Located at the foot of Reims Cathedral, Palais du Tau was the palace of the Archbishop of Reims and the residence of the kings of France during their coronation. Since 1972, it has housed the Musée de l’Œuvre (Museum of Works), which displays the collections of Reims cathedral and objects related to the coronations of French kings. The €16.2 million renovation project will work to make the collection more accessible and attractive for visitors as a new Museum of Coronations. Casson Mann will create a new chrono-thematic visitor route spanning fifteen rooms and over 2000 square meters as part of the renovation. The route will include a room dedicated to royal anointing and a room on ritual instruments, including sculptures, reliquaries, objects from the coronation of Charles X and objects from the existing Palais du Tau collection. The public will also be invited to attend a coronation ceremony in a new immersive video installation. In addition to the existing collection, contemporary works will be specially commissioned to add different moods to each space at the site. Work began in February 2022, and the museum closed to the public in 2023 for an anticipated reopening date of summer 2024. In October 2023, the Center des Monuments Nationaux began seeking contractors to provide services for the delivery of the scenographic layout, windows and climate engineering. Further tenders related to the scenographic layout will be issued, including lighting, AV equipment for the permanent route and reception, didactic and directional signage, object handling, tactile objects and models, and AV and multimedia production. In October 2023, it was also confirmed that the museum now plans to open in 2025. (Updated 10 October 2023)

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