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ATTRACTION TYPE Museum/gallery


BUDGET $138,000,000


The McCord Stewart Museum in Montreal, Canada is due to double in size as part of an ambitious project to help the museum cope with its vast collection. The $180 million ($138 million USD) expansion will see the building grow upward by as much as 10 storeys in the heart of the city’s “Golden Square Mile.” The McCord Stewart Museum has been working closely with the City of Montreal which is granting the right to build on Victoria Street, and donating public space to the project. The current site was selected after conducting a feasibility study in conjunction with the city. An architectural competition will be launched for the approximately 300,000 square-foot project which will preserve the Percy Nobbs heritage building and the west façade of the McCord Museum. The new building will house three recently merged museums – the McCord Museum, the Stewart Museum, and the Fashion Museum. The museum is expected to be closed for two years to complete the renovations, but without a finalised project timeline it is unclear when construction will begin.

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McCord Stewart Museum

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Director of Operations
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President and Chief Executive Officer
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