Looking Ahead Europe 2019

MuseumINSIDER has been working together with the UK's Department for International Trade to help UK museum and heritage suppliers identify opportunities and export to Europe.  One of the tools we've developed is an E book called MuseumINSIDER Looking Ahead 2019 - 2026: Handbook of Future European Museum and Heritage Projects by Ann Curtis and Kate Lismore.

This 197 page E book, in PDF format, profiles 87 museum and heritage projects across the Europe...with budgets totaling over €10 billion, scheduled to be completed in the next seven years.

For each project the book includes two pages of project information, such as location, budget, timetable and contact details for the client and major subcontractors.  The introduction provides a close look at the trends we are seeking in the market, where the projects are, and how Europe's market differs from the UK and the US.

For anyone wanting a "big picture" look at the museum and heritage sector in Europe, this important resource will save weeks of work researching and identifying new business and subcontracting opportunities, and finding the right people to speak to.

To find out how you can buy a copy, please contact us.

This publication was sponsored by the UK Department for International Trade, and we are grateful for their support.