Tamschick Media+Space GmbH

Who are we? Curious minds with attitude.
Tamschick Media+Space (TMS) is an interdisciplinary team of 30+ passionate people, from diverse origins, backgrounds and skills from the fields of concept, scenography, interior- and media architecture, graphic, sound, motion and interaction design as well as film, photography and media art, stage direction and project management. We are curious and constantly exploring how new technologies can be used aesthetically and conceptually for creating experiences that touch people´s hearts and minds. Our attitude and ambition is to come up with groundbreaking, new, nonconformist ideas that engage, engage and amaze people from all over the world and all backgrounds.

What is our passion? Our passion is the fusion of media and space.
We share the passion for media in space and to transform both into unique experiences. We are a lighthouse of the industry and an innovative hot spot for experts collaboratively creating cultural and brand experiences in space that aim at mediating content by engaging broad audiences in a fun and interesting way. We open people’s hearts and perceptions to subjects whose beauty is often hidden behind complexity, technology or dogmatics thresholds. Our approach is to create dynamic frameworks that are open to visitors input, allowing them to contribute to the experience collective development.

What do we do? We are storytellers.
In 2007, TMS embarked on a mission to redefine spatial storytelling and revolutionize how content is displayed and communicated. Today, we remain dedicated to this founding vision, evolving into an internationally renowned design studio in media-enhanced scenography. We pride ourselves on telling new stories, utilizing cutting edge technology, and taking up the challenge of projects of any size, from conceptualization to implementation, spanning museums, exhibitions, brand-spaces, mediafacades, corporate architecture and beyond.

How do we do it? We build multi-sensory experiences.

We take visitors on a trip into immersive virtual worlds and allow them to escape to new dimensions of time and space. Our stagings offer multi-sensorial experiences, transforming space through the fusion of film, sound and narration. Moving images liquify the rigidity of the constructed frame, mute objects can speak for themselves without text plates and buildings can communicate through their living facades. Leveraging cutting-edge media technologies and stagings, our interactive spaces expressly invite people to participatively take part in their design – one is no longer a mere observer of classic media stations but a protagonist and thereby part of the installation. This facilitates a highly communicative and educative added value to our experiences.

What services do we provide? Here are a few examples:
• Spatial storytelling
• Media-enhanced scenography
• Audiovisual design
• Hardware technical planning
• Sound design
• Project Management
• Tendering support
• Creative supervision of production
• Implementation, training and handover
• Production

What products do we offer? Here are a few examples:

• Audiovisual Content production
• Immersive experience (up to 360° panorama)
• Immersive projection
• Projection mapping
• Touch tables for deeping content presentation
• LED walls for 3D real-time animation
• Globe Projection for real-time animation
• Screens for statement portraits
• BYOD augmented reality Application
• Interactive screens with tracking
• Interactive screens with mirroring effect
• warped panorama
• Spatial Audio experience / surround system / USOMO
• Light Design and atmospheric illumination / SFX lighting effects
• Exhibition Graphics and Signage Systems
• Modular media exhibition systems and HW
• 3D reconstruction and staging of a site

Luc Moser
Head of New Business
Mobile: +49 172 605 8795
Email: luc.moser@tamachick.com

Tamschick Media+Space GmbH
Bülowstrasse 66, Aufgang D3
10783 Berlin, Germany