Sycomore is our dedicated brand for museums and cultural organizations.

Having partnered with both internationally renowned and smaller independent cultural organizations over the past 35 years, our international teams are recognized for their expertise and professionalism.

We create captivating audio-visual productions, delivered on our exclusive range of innovative guiding devices. We offer the full solution to help our partners create unforgettable visitor tours.

At Sycomore-Vox, the visitor experience is at the heart of everything that we do. All productions start with authentic and immersive storytelling, using our proprietary devices and technology to enhance the experience.

The key to a successful production lies in the quality. Our experience and passion for creating wonderful audio-led experiences will help you bring your site and collections to life. Regardless of scale, we delight visitors and appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

We have a unique wealth of understanding when it comes to interpretation. A dedicated project leader and the selected writer(s) will help you find the best way to tell your story. From historical to artistic, dramatic to humorous, scientific to commercial we produce specialized content for equally diverse audiences.

Our own internal team of editors, professional recording studios and multimedia department, work together to produce experiences adapted for a wide range of visitors such as children and people with physical impairments. Ensuring that all visitors are catered for, we also adapt the tour for international audiences, utilising our extensive translator network to create authentic multilingual content.

Caroline Checkley-Scott
Commercial Director UK & Ireland, Sycomore – Museums and Heritage
1 Purley Place, London N1 1QA

+44 7557 389 022