Nubart a digital multimedia audio guide system that is also profitable.

Nubart® is a card that acts as a unique key to access a PWA with multimedia content from a smartphone. The cards are non-transferable: they can be sold and generate revenue. But they are also reusable: owners can keep their cards and use them again later.

The audio guide Visitors Keep
Nubart® enables museums, monuments, show rooms and other visitable venues to offer hygienic multimedia guides without the need for dedicated devices or expensive app development.

Other Nubart products:
-Tour guiding system
-Audio Video Synchronization

At Nubart we have experience with a diverse range of cultural organizations and companies as:

  • Museums
  • Special Exhibitions
  • Football Arenas
  • Natural Monuments
  • Boat Tours
  • City Tours and Marketing
  • Campus Tours
  • Tourist Routes
Evelyn Crende
Sales Coordinator