Nissen Richards Studio is a cross-disciplinary design practice, with projects in architecture, theatre and exhibition design.  Since our beginnings in 2010, we have won a number of commissions in the arts sector, designing projects for some of the most visited cultural destinations in the UK.

Our approach is highly collaborative, both between design disciplines represented within our practice, other specialists with whom we enjoy strong working relationships, and our clients and stakeholder teams, resulting in the creation of multisensory environments that capture the best in high quality design, specialist technologies including lighting, graphics, sound and original interpretation.  

By combining differing design media with artefact display and curatorial content to best effect, we are fascinated with the opportunities to engage and immerse the visitor across all the senses, creating a lasting and profound experience, forging the continuing evolution of public engagement with museums and cultural organisations.

Nissen Richards Studio
Unit 5 & 6
8 Orsman Road
London, N1 5QJ
+44 20 7870 8899

Pippa Nissen

This company has been awarded a tender that has been published on MuseumINSIDER. You can see the award at this link.