Isis logoISIS (Integrated Security Information Systems) is the leading force in wireless art and object security systems. Our AspectsARTS solution enables the constant, real-time, centralised monitoring of valuable paintings, wall hangings, free standing objects, display cases and furniture.

You can find our systems in national galleries, museums, places of worship, offices, private residences and more in over 25 countries. Conservatively it’s estimated we protect assets with a combined value of £1-3 trillion.

AspectsARTS adds an important, extra level of object-focused security that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – particularly important during daylight “visiting hours” when traditional intrusion detection systems are turned off and objects become vulnerable.

Our systems are invisible, cost-effective, non-obtrusive and integrates easily with pre-existing security devices – CCTV, pagers, SMS/email messaging, TETRA radios, door locks, sounders etc – and security management systems.

Discrete and highly modular, it is exceptionally easy to manage and install, whether you’re working in a security, curatorial or conservational capacity. This is especially true in historic buildings where wired sensors are impossible to cable. It has proven particularly effective in monitoring temporary exhibits where size, type and placement of works can change from one show to the next.

AspectsARTS combines the latest long range wireless RFID technology with sophisticated software – the product of 30 years in-house development. Since 1996, ISIS has designed its systems in partnership with heads of security and leading conservators from various major institutions. To date not one of our clients has ever suffered a single successful theft.

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