At Guide-ID, we unlock stories! Whether they’re about culture, art, or nature, we give objects and spaces a voice, helping people listen and expand knowledge. That’s why we’ve created the world’s easiest audio guide, the Podcatcher. Our philosophy is audio-only, with easy-to-use technology. Therefore, when the visitor enters a museum, all they have to do is point towards the art object and listen to the stories. Yes, as simple as that!

‘In 2015, we started working with Guide-ID’s Podcatcher. We are very pleased and even more important, our visitors are very happy with the audio tour! The players are small but robust and very simple to use, perfect for the indoors and outdoors. Just as simple to use is the data reporting system and content management system. This feature makes content control easy. The audio tour is available in 11 languages. We wanted to offer in-depth information with an easy device without distracting the visitors; the Podcatcher does all that!’ – Director Museum Affairs – The National Maritime Museum.

Our objective is to discover the bigger context beyond the visual world without limiting technologies or unnecessary distractions—keeping the attention on the storytelling.

Besides our Podcatcher audio guide device, we want to provide solutions for different visitor experiences. That is why we have the MapMyVisit app and the Mobile Website.

What makes our app different from other apps? It follows the same philosophy of our Podcatcher, point and listen. But we also want to bring inclusive experiences. With the MapMyVisit app, it is possible to include Sign Language Tours. The Dutch Resistance Museum in Amsterdam currently introduced an SLT to their visitor experience using the MapMyVisit app.

Here’s to collaboration! We’re always here to help you tell your collection’s stories. Together, we’ll take your visitors to unique places.

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