Fraser Randall gallery for webSince 1988 Fraser Randall has established itself as a market leader in the management and implementation of bespoke design projects, especially in the leisure and museums sector.

With an in house resource of 19 full time management personnel, Fraser Randall provides management services covering all aspects of project discipline associated with museum exhibition development and delivery.  Services cover project management, content and curatorial management, consultant management, design management, contract management and administration, cost management, construction management and principal contractor management.

Fraser Randall manages both small and large scale projects with budget ranges between £500k and £18m.  We take great care to ensure that as a resource led organisation the team is appropriate, has continuity with appropriate knowledge base and skills to the project, and is coordinated in its working and knowledge sharing practices with the rich and varied teams it collaborate with.

Fraser Randall Ltd
The Ship
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Louise Rush, Office Manager