Casson Mann Designers


As exhibition and interior designers, we transform buildings, places and stories into spatial experiences for all types of visitors, a discipline sometimes known as scenography.  Our work realises the critical link between the client and the visitor using techniques that enable the stories, messages, knowledge, information to flow.  All of our work demonstrates a commitment to meticulous detailing, the best use of appropriate materials and light, and the seamless integration of multimedia.  We are as expert in negotiating the constraints of historic buildings as we are in collaborating with contemporary architects on new buildings.  Our work anticipates how people move through spaces and interact with textures, surfaces and volumes, with light, sound and touch.  Our aim is to create places where learning and understanding is a pleasurable experience.


Casson Mann
45 Mitchell Street
London  EC1V 3QD

Tel: 020 7324 1964

Harriet Woollard, Studio Manager