MuseumINSIDER publishes tenders for work on exhibitions at sites around the world. We learn about exhibitions from the concept design tenders and follow them through tenders for lighting, display cases, artwork transportation, the exhibition build, and later, tenders for evaluation.

As a result, we're lucky enough to learn about fascinating exhibitions at international sites which we have yet to encounter. So from our published tenders, here are a few of our favourite exhibitions launching this Summer:

"Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China" at M+, Hong Kong (29 July)
Song Huai-Kuei, widely known during her lifetime as "Madame Song", was an influential cult figure in Chinese art, film, music, and fashion during the 1980s and 1990s. She is remembered for cultivating a 'modern, international lifestyle' in China when the country was isolated from the rest of the world for much of the Cold War. M+ Museum's special exhibition will explore her life and legacy.

“Cartografia - Corsica in Maps 1520-1900” at Musée de la Corse, Ajaccio (29 July)
Cartografia - Corsica in Maps 1520-1900 presents 15 works from the 1960s to the present. The exhibition explores how artists have used cartography to address the status of art, its definition, its materiality and, more broadly, the relationship of man to the world.

"Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You" at Science and Industry Museum, Manchester (21 July)
Finally, ending on a *slightly* different note - we had to mention "Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You", which launched last week at Manchester's Science and Industry Museum (part of the Science Museum Group). The exhibition explores the role of each organ in the digestive journey through interactive games, challenges, and objects from the Science Museum Group's collection. The exhibition also offers specially designed sessions for children under five and sensory-friendly sessions for those who prefer an adjusted environment.