Minidoka National Historic Site in the desert in the state of Idaho was one of ten Japanese-American confinement sites used during WWII to incarcerate approximately 120,000 US citizens and their parents without due process, based on their ethnicity.  The National Park Service, who manage the site, are now seeking a contractor to produce six video story stations and other digital content based on survivor testimonies for a new visitor center being developed at the site.

MINN Digital Interactives

Minidoka National Historic Site was one of ten Japanese American confinement sites during WWII incarcerating approximately 120,000 US citizens and their parents without due process, based on their ethnicity. Minidoka is a nationally significant site related to human and civil rights and American history; and its unique resources are the thousands of diverse individual stories from people throughout the United States who were forever changed by their experiences at Minidoka. The site still evokes vivid memories and strong emotions from survivors who were incarcerated there 76 years ago. Today, these personal stories present a mosaic of perspectives as to how this stark chapter of American history relates to current events, civil and Constitutional rights, and American ethnic issues. The experiences of injustice, hardship, and endurance illustrate an American story shared among immigrants, their descendants, and American Indians.

There is a recently completed park film that is driven mainly through interviews of survivors and subject matter experts, with some narrated segues to bridge the storyline. It will work in collaboration with the exhibits by providing visitors with opportunities to engage with the site and its rich and varied stories. Access to B-roll footage and other media assets will be an important resource available for the AV exhibit elements.

A contract for the fabrication of the exhibit structures, including the purchase and installation of AV equipment is nearing completion. The contractor selected to develop the AV and Multimedia programs will have opportunities to collaborate with the exhibit fabricator via NPS facilitation to ensure the interactive hardware and programming work together.

The contractor shall provide all services, including labor, materials, research, travel, facilities, asset acquisition and use rights fees necessary to plan and produce six video story stations, one 16-page digital ‘flip book’, and two interactive programs for Minidoka National Historic Site in Idaho.

Interested contractors should go to this link and then search public opportunities and then search for solicitation number: 140P1119Q0058

Deadline for the receipt of completed proposals: 15 August, 2019, 10 am EDT

National Park Service
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for the attention of: Jason Albright
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Image: National Park Service