Lowell National Historical Park is  located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Established in 1978 it comprises a group of different sites in and around the city of Lowell related to the era of textile manufacturing in the city during the Industrial Revolution. The National Park Service, who care for the site, were seeking contractors to clean the ceiling, walls, floor, and shelving, of a museum collection storage space at Lowell National Historical Park. The successful contractor is Pacific Environmental Group. The estimated contract value is $32,365.

AWARD: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE: Cleaning with Mold Animal Droppings Remediation including weaving loom parts. Notice ID: 140P4320Q0063. Related Notice: 140P4320Q0063. Contract Opportunity Type: Award Notice (Original).

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Award Details:

Pacific Environmental Group LLC.
Eugene, OR 97402
+1 541-767-3770"


National Park Service
Charlestown Navy Yard, Building I-1
Boston MA 02129-4543
For the attention of: David Barceleau