The Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers Monument in Wilberforce, Ohio, is one of the newest units under the care of the US National Park Service.  It commemorates Charles Young, who became the first African American colonel in the US Army, and the Buffalo Soldiers, who were the first African Americans to be included in the United States Regular Army (1866 until 1948) when the forces were segregated by race. Charles Young commanded the Buffalo Soldiers starting in 1889, and the monument is based in his family's home in Ohio. The National Park Service were seeking a contractor to conduct a minimum of seventy (70), up to one-hundred-twenty (120) videotaped oral history interviews for an Oral History Project at the National Monument. The successful contractor is Boston Productions Inc. The estimated contract value is $223,380.

AWARD: NATIONAL PARK SERVICE: ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEWS WITH VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES for Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Monument in Ohio. Notice ID: 140P6420Q0046. Contract Opportunity Type: Award Notice (Original).

The National Park Service is awarding Boston Productions Inc.; a small business, the contract to provide Oral History Project procurement for Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers National Historic Site, which is being purchased for $223,380.00.

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Award Details

Boston Productions Inc.
290 Vanderbilt Ave #1
Norwood, MA 02062
+1 781 255 1555


National Park Service
1113 West Aurora Road
Sagamore Hills, OH 44067-1678
For the attention of: Craig Bryant

Image: Charles Young, 1903, Wikipedia