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BUDGET $75,000,000*


It is likely that most African Americans can trace an ancestor who arrived in the USA through Charleston. The IAAM will teach visitors this history and encourage them to explore it at historic houses, plantations, buildings, and other sites that speak to African American heritage. The museum will demonstrate how enslaved Africans and free blacks shaped economic, political, and cultural development in the nation and beyond. Film, documents, and digital archives further aid visitors in placing the story of African arrival in historical context. Plans are in place to grace this empty plot, surrounded by bland apartment buildings, with a subdued, modernist, 47,000-square-foot pavilion raised above the ground on thick columns clad in precast oyster-shell tabby. The project has been long in the planning, but is still waiting on private donations and $11 million in state funding. No shovel will be raised until all the money is in place.

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International African American Museum
PO Box 22761
Charleston, South Carolina 29413

Michael Moore
President and CEO
+1 843 872 5352
Victoria Smalls
Program Manager
+1 843 872 5352
Marion Gill
Director of Museum Planning
+1 843 872 5352

Ralph Appelbaum Associates
88 Pine Street
New York, New York  10005
+1 212 334 8200

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners
88 Pine Street
New York, New York  10005
+1 212 751 3122