Museum Insider - Looking Ahead 2017-2023

We are delighted to announce that our newest market research book - over five months in the making - has now been published.  Its called "MuseumINSIDER Looking Ahead 2017-2023: Handbook of Future UK Museum and Heritage Projects."Written by interpretive planning consultant Allison Walker and designed by Kvorning Design and Communication, this important resource profiles nearly 100 museum and heritage projects across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland...with budgets totaling over £1.9 billion, scheduled to be completed in the next seven years.

For each project the E book includes two pages of project information, such as location, budget, timetable and contact details for the client and major subcontractors.  Allison's introduction provides a close look at the trends we are seeing in the market, where the projects are, and in which type of institution.  You can download two sample projects from the E book below.



Big Data Look

Projects by budget and location

If you click on the map pictured, you'll see where the projects are located -- one "bubble" for every project. The bigger the bubble, the larger the budget.

For anyone wanting a "big picture" look at the museum and heritage sector in the UK and Ireland, this electronic 186 page E book will save weeks of work researching and identifying new business and subcontracting opportunities, and finding the right people to speak to.

There is work out there, and we want you to get it!

Looking Ahead cover v 1

If you haven't yet bought the E book, do fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch to collect your payment details.  We will send you the link to download the publication immediately.

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