White House Presidents ParkThe White House President’s Park has employees and materials in eight separate locations throughout the Washington, D.C. area, which has led to inefficiencies and lack of internal cohesion amongst the various teams. They are now seeking early engagement with contractors to consider whether a feasibility study into office and warehouse consolidation is possible.

Office/Warehouse Consolidation Feasibility Study

The White House President’s Park has employees and materials in eight (8) separate locations throughout the Washington, D.C. area. The park has five divisions spread amongst the eight locations. This has led to an ingrained sense of isolation and silos or stove-piping between, and even in, the various divisions.

Only one of these divisions is located inside the park’s boundaries. All of the others are located in borrowed space. Most of them shoehorned into other small and inefficient spaces.  Recent moves out of the NCR headquarters building has caused the Superintendent’s office and Administrative Division to move, again, into borrowed space.

One division, ESF, is located in a GSA leased facility. The lease expires in 2022. This division provides the warehousing and lift capacity for the park. ESF’s transport goods over 33, 000 miles annually, while typically driving less than 30 miles per round trip. The time it takes to make each of these trips has increased exponentially in recent years due to increased traffic congestion and the need to be swept enroute by security teams causing a diversion to an inconveniently located security facility. Many of our deliveries are time sensitive and run the risk of missing the delivery deadline. The warehouse has reached capacity yet, the need to store more material is ever growing.

Strategic planning conducted by the park’s leadership has identified a desire to break down the walls of the silos and alleviate the sense of isolation by many of the park’s employees. In addition, the capacity and location of ESF vice its destination and screening sites warrant study regarding the renewal of the lease. Is there an opportunity here to consolidate park functions? Locations? Increase capacity (for both the warehouse and the park)?

WHPP does not have the resources or expertise to collect the data that will allow us to determine the best path forward. WHPP seeks a partner that will help us navigate this important decision that will position WHPP to meet our mission needs for the next few decades. WHPP seeks to conduct a feasibility study to determine courses of action and data to enable park leadership to make decisions about the future of its workforce and physical plant. Among the questions to be considered are:

Should the park -

  1. renew the lease and make no changes?
  2. expand the current building to accommodate additional material?
  3. consolidate divisions/personnel/functions in a new or existing location/facility? Which divisions/people/functions?
  4. What costs might the park incur?

How do you go about finding the answers to these questions?

THIS IS A SOURCES SOUGHT REQUEST ONLY – This Sources Sought is issued solely for information and planning purposes, as a means for the Government to conduct market research, identifying interested parties and their capability to support the requirement for conducting a feasibility study for office/warehouse consolidation.  Responses to this Sources Sought will be considered and will help the Government dictate a path forward. All small business categories and large businesses will be considered. Capability statements will also be accepted.

Interested contractors should download the contract documents at this portal.  Search the open public opportunities using the keywords "WHHO Office Consolidation".  The search will take you to the page with the documents.

Deadline for responses: 4 May 2018 2 pm Eastern time

Stacy Rickard
National Park Service, National Capital Region
Acquisition Management Division
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